Forced Displaced Rohingya: Discouraged or Welcomed Community in Malaysia

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Siti Munirah Binti Yusoff Md. Nasir, Mohd. Afandi Bin Salleh, Dr. Mohd. Mahbubul Haque


Myanmar, also known as Burma, gained its independence from Britain in 1948 and was ruled by the military junta from 1962 until it was dissolved after the election in 2010. A new political atmosphere has marked the transition from military rule to civilian government in 2011, on the hands of President Thein Sein. Myanmar and Rohingya issue are not a new to the global world in term of humanitarian crisis. People were aware about the Rohingya became a stranger from their origin country and some might question why it was happened and some might just agree that Myanmar is a cruel government for ignored their own people. This paper describes on how the story begin and why the Rohingya was expelled from their own country even though they were able to prove their citizenship. Broadly speaking, Rohingya is an ethnic-patterned Muslim group that originated from northern Rakhine, the western part of Myanmar that was once called Arakan. But ironically Rohingyas rarely get the attention of the local government. By that reason, most of Rohingya flee to the other countries to find protection. This paper will examine on how the Malaysia as a host country react to their situation. Finally. This paper will elaborate about the future of the Rohingya in Malaysia.

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