Confucianism in Han Nom Books of Vietnam

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Vu Hong Van


Under the feudal dynasties of Vietnam, Confucianism used to hold an important position in fields such as politics, culture, history, etc. To spread the values ​​of Confucianism, many documents of Confucianism have been printed and released; including documents on Han Nom character (a type of script developed by the Vietnamese on the basis of Han characters). Historically, documents of this kind have been very heavily printed and stored in the court and widely disseminated among the people. Through the ups and downs of history, these documents gradually disappear and are still very few today. These are valuable documents that help researchers to learn more clearly about the contents of Confucianism and its influence in history. Recognizing that importance, on the basis of studying Han Nom documents on Confucianism still in existence up to this date, comparing and comparing with the works of previous, this study determined the contents of Confucianism recorded in Han Nom documents, thereby determining the prices basic values ​​of Confucianism and Han Nom documents in history and present.

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