The state of the art on ferrocement and its application in silo

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C. P. Patel, Sunil Kute, P. D. Patil


The industrial world depends very much on the extent of handling operation of solids. Due to the increase of bulk tonnage, there is an ongoing need for more efficient and higher-capacity storage system.  Procedure of more sophisticated analysis and design are continuing necessity. Significant development in ferrocement (FC) is the demand of future in designing FCsilo for industrial world.Over the last few years FC has acquired structural popularity in respect of its betterperformance andadaptability. It is not only preferred in housing sector, but its potential is also being consistentlyinvestigated for its industrial use. FC is useful in evaluating and designing the FC silo. Various silo codes that are used worldwide do not cover many common load cases. A comprehensive literature survey presented in this article indicates the need of new design criteria to enhance the stability and to reduce the overall cost of silo.

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