Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with over burnt bricks bats for Preparation of Concrete.

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Sourabh Amrodiya, Abhishek Talewar, Mrunal Potdukhe, Nakul Irkhede


Concrete is considered the world’s most used construction material. Typical concrete mixtures are comprised of water, sand, cement and an aggregate of rock. This project focuses on the coarse aggregate in concrete. The other material will be used to replace the coarse aggregate of rock in typical concrete. This will include burn brick. This material was chosen because of their availability. The burn brick is available from brick manufacturing area. Also in brick-making, a large number of bricks are rejected due to non-conformity with the required specifications. One such major nonconformity is the distorted form of brick produced due to the uneven temperature control in the kiln. These rejected bricks can also be a potential source of coarse aggregate. This would not only make good use of the otherwise waste material but would also help alleviate disposal problems. This project presents the effects of over burnt brick bat inclusion on the mechanical properties of concrete matrix in wet and hardened state properties. For checking mechanical properties of over burnt brick bat based concrete used partially replacement overburnt brick bat to coarse aggregate.   

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