Design and Development of Automatic Ground Clearance System in Car

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Vinayak Veer, Vaishnav Nair, Pranav Ainchwar, Ganesh Raut, Satish Teli


Now a days ,better handling of the vehicle has become an important parameter in all the aspects. As we carried out a deep research on “Automatic Ground Clearance Using Pneumatic System” we realized that ,for off-roading conditions we need an adjustable ground clearance system in the vehicle to have optimum performance. To achieve the certain condition, we studied the the Centre of Gravity of the vehicle , as it should be maintained as low as possible. While studying the research papers we decided the components i.e. Pnuematic Cylinder, Ultrasonic Sensor and DC Motor that should be used in the prototype. Designing of the model was a challenging part for us, as we finalized it along with the dimensions by using the CATIA V5 software. We also calculated the Moment of Inertia on the frame by using Shear Force Diagrams, Bending Moments Diagrams and the equilibrium conditions. We used the MI of the frame to calculate the bending stress in the cross sectional area of the square pipe by using the Flexural Formula from the concept of Bending Theory Equation. The design and construction of the adjustable ground clearance mechanism aims at changing ground clearance in the range of 180mm with good vehicle dynamic behavior. In order to achieve this goal through a study of force we carried out the analytical testing using ANSYS Software. We marked the results on the scale of 8.2/10. To summarise this for various types of tracks, the ground clearance of vehicles is designed accordingly and that is why this is a valid reason which also differentiates the vehicles as onroad and off- road .

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