Considering the Role of The Concept for the Formation of Third Place on Reducing Urban Segregation (Case Study: Anousheh Street in Ahvaz City)

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Mohammad Ebrahim Mazhary, Amin Maghsoudi


The purpose of this paper is to study the concept of third place for Anousheh Street in Ahvaz from a sociological standpoint. The third place is the term that was first used with a holistic view to describe public spaces in which citizens lived their informal lives and leisure time. In fact, the third place is an urban space that, in addition to meeting leisure needs, provides the opportunity for people to experience social life and meet their interactive needs. Therefore, their role and capacities in urban life should be considered. Anousheh Street in Ahvaz is an example of an urban space that currently serves as a third place, as a result of which, over the past years, has transcended from a simple transit street to an attractive and dynamic urban space.

For the purpose of the descriptive-analytical study used in this paper, in addition to the library method, field methods such as observation and interview have also been implemented. One of the most important results of this study is that third place has the capacity to act as a place for leisure and social activities, promote the concept of social capital, increase urban socialization, and improve nightlife. In the context of Anousheh Street, it has led to significant effects on identity and also social and economic aspects of the city.

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