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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 5, No. 2 (2018)  ISSN 2198-7688



                          Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief      So, what is the sense of us and our existence? More
                                        Architect Marina Stosic  pragmatic is what we will leave on Earth to our children
                                                                 and future generations. How they will remember us?
Animal life on Earth exists millions of years. Most species
only use 3 to 5% of its cerebral capacity. Human beings          We reproduce fast, we live longer, we are more, we go
being at the top of the animal chain use more: About             urban, we build megacities and destroy land, we change
10% may not seem like much, but it is a lot what we have         climate, we melt Greenland, Arctic and Antarctica, we
done with it.                                                    rise sea level, we change equatorial ocean streams, we
                                                                 drive the 6th great extinction of animal species, we drive
But life seems to have only one single purpose: To gain          release of long-dormant ancient bacteria and viruses we
time. And that seems to be also the only real purpose of         have never met before, trapped in ice and frozen
each of the cells in living bodies. To achieve that aim, the     permafrost for thousands or even million of years, …
mass of the cells that make up every species on Earth
has only two solutions: To be immortal or to reproduce.          300 years after we disappear, large steel constructions
That way, when they die, they hand down essential                such as bridges, buildings, and the Eifel Tower will start
information and knowledge to the next cell, which                to collapse due corrosion. After 10,000 years, all the
passes it down to the next one, and so on. Therefore,            cities and any indicators of human existence would be
knowledge and learning are handed down through time.             gone, except for a few stone structures. Only the
                                                                 Egyptian pyramids, Great Wall of China, the Treasury of
On the other side, 100 billion neurons exist per human,          Petra in Jordan, … will survive. Those stone structures
of which only 15% are activated. There are more                  have the potential to stand for 100’s of 1,000’s of years,
connections in the human body than there are stars in            and may be the only sign of human life on Earth after we
the Milky Way galaxy. We possess a gigantic network of           are gone. The only thing that will survive after 50 million
information to which we have almost no access.                   of years without humans will be plastic. Moreover, it
                                                                 would take our planet another 50 million years to rid
                                                                 itself of plastics, and any mark of us on Earth. Therefore,
                                                                 options for our future here are very limited, but Earth
                                                                 thrived before us and will thrive after we are gone.

                                                                 Thus, are the humans concerned more with having than
                                                                 being, or?

                                                                 Our children and future generations will remember us
                                                                 by and will inherit structures we are making. Therefore,
                                                                 we have to build solid structures, which will remain as
                                                                 footprint of our being here and somehow join both
                                                                 human concerns: having and being. This could be the
                                                                 task for architecture and civil engineering to make
                                                                 available for future humans to get impression how we
                                                                 have lived and thus to make possible some sort of time
                                                                 travels, as we have when we visit ancient places.

                                                                 So, dear reader, if you would like to make a short time
                                                                 travel to recent past, please do not miss opportunity to
                                                                 attend the 6th International Conference on Architecture
                                                                 and Built Environment with AWARDs — S.ARCH-2019 to
                                                                 be organised on March 5-7, 2019 in Havana, Cuba – the
                                                                 Caribbean city founded by the Spanish in the 16th
                                                                 century and well known as a fiesta for the senses.


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