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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 5, No. 1 (2018)    ISSN 2198-7688


  CONTENT                                                                                 Authors‘ Papers

 1 Michael Jasper                                                                         The Journal
      Architectural Sensibilities: Observations on Perspective Space and Elastic Space

 9 Neda Abbasi, Kenn Fisher, Robert Gerrity
      Designing better Workspaces for Academic Library Staff Case Study of University of
      Queensland Library

17 Rozafa Basha
      Disability and the Built Environment: Analytical Study of Public Buildings in

28 Linlin Guo, Baofeng Li. Hong Chen
      A Review of the Impact of Urban Block Form on Urban Microclimate

39 Ehab Momin Mohammed Sanad, Seif El din Sadig Hassan
      Developing 3D Box Counting Approach for Built Form Visual Assessment

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