Page 7 - The New ARCH Vol4 No3 (2017)
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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 4, No. 3 (2017)  ISSN 2198-7688


     Authors’ Papers

 1 Wei Shi, Beisi Jia, Alessandra Ponte, H. Koon Wee

     Multi-Layer System of Urban Open Space — Study in Montreal

 9 Timothy D. Brownlee, Ernesto Cesario, Elisa Ferrato, Maria Federica Ottone

     Small Scale Outdoor Architecture with Large Scale Impact in Palestine

17 Oumr Adnan Osra, Paul Jones

     Processes of Urban Transformation: Exploring the Nexus Between the Built
     Environment and Islamic Identity in Saudi Arabia (between 1938 and 1990)

32 Nina Ugljen-Ademović, Senka Ibrišimbegović

     Creative Improvement in Architectural Education through Inclusive Design
     Aspects and Methodical Concepts

39 Hatice Sadikoğlu, Ahsen Özsoy

     Designing and Living in a Residential Condominium

46 Guliz Ozorhon, Ilker Fatih Ozorhon

     Problems and Potentials in Housing Settlements in Istanbul’s Periphery in
     the Context of Diversity

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