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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 4, No. 2 (2017)  ISSN 2198-7688


     CONTENT                                                                                               Editorial

       e1 Marina Stosic                                                                                    Authors‘ Papers
              Architecture Facing Sea Level Rise
              Part 1: Is the Human Footprint on Our Planet Accelerating Out of Control  The Journal

      e13 The 4th International ARCHITECTURE Conference with AWARDs – S.ARCH,
              7-9 June 2017, HONG KONG

         1 Ferdinand Oswald
              Hong Kong Residential Buildings with Reduction of the Utilisation of Air

       15 Bronne C. Dytoc
              Activating Graphics and Collaboration in Architectural Structures Education

       27 Ruveyda Komurlu, David Arditi
              The Role of General Conditions relative to Claims and Disputes in Building
              Construction Contracts

       37 Hassan Estaji
              A Review of Flexibility and Adaptability in Housing Design

       50 Lingyi Qiu, Xuemei Zhu
              Impacts of Housing and Community Environments on Children’s Independent
              Mobility: A Systematic Literature Review

       62 Hernan Casakin
              The Use of Metaphors as Design Communication Tools in an Architectural Team

       71 Arta Jakupi, Berat Istogu
              Modular Architecture as a Synergy of Chaos and Order – Case Study Prishtina

      e18 About the Journal
      e19 Instructions for Authors
      e21 Advertisements

              S.ARCH-2018 International Conference with AWARDs


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