Page 3 - The New ARCH Vol3 No3 (2016)
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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 3, No. 3 (2016)  ISSN 2198-7688



Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief     Let us talk about the challenges in architecture. What
             Architect Marina Stosic  are the biggest challenges for the future? …To set up
                                      ‚iconic buildings‘, to build more environmental friendly,
                                      to predict future development of society or just to
                                      “survive” in the global jungle of architecture studios
                                      from all over the world, fighting to find own place in the
                                      community, country or in the world. Or maybe all of

                                      During the last 2 decades many things have been
                                      changed. With the globalisation, digitalisation and
                                      access to the internet for the majority of the worldwide
                                      population, variety of opportunities occurred. But with
                                      the variety of opportunities, the global competition
                                      reached also small and medium size studios, carrying
                                      with it all benefits and disadvantages at the same time.
                                      So, how can a small/middle size studio respond on that
                                      challenge? It can follow good old principles of focusing
                                      on the local community and building in the
                                      neighbourhood. On the other hand, it can dare to step
                                      into the jungle and face the unknown fields of cultural,
                                      geographical and aesthetic challenges. Of course, the
                                      best way for doing this is to participate in the
                                      architectural competitions. And of course, it is the way
                                      of low efficiency in terms of designing numerous
                                      buildings from which only very small percentage will
                                      actually be built. It is clear that many studios struggle
                                      with economic aspects of not being paid for the efforts,
                                      but one may find a comfort in the fact that the invested
                                      time and the done work are not wasted. Every design,
                                      every study brings us further in our knowledge and
                                      experience. The more practical fact is that even every
                                      idea or part of it may be re-used, transformed and
                                      implemented in another approach and circumstances. In
                                      this course, just participating in a competition might also
                                      be seen as an enrichment for the studio.

                                      Well, for those, who choose the way of competitions,
                                      god luck for the next battle!


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