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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 3, No. 2 (2016)                         ISSN 2198-7688





                                                                                          This year the RENECON International
                                                                                          and Get It Published from Germany,
                                                                                          together with local co-organising
                                                                                          partner enforma from Montenegro,
                                                                                          organized yet another successful
                                                                                          conference. Third in a row S.ARCH
                                                                                          conference took place this year in
                                                                                          Budva, Montenegro and lasted 3 days,
                                                                                          from 25th–27th May 2016, in the
                                                                                          premises of the hotel Splendid
                                                                                          Conference and Spa Resort. The
                                                                                          conference, as the last two years
                                                                                          welcomed participants from all around
                                                                                          the world with keynote speakers from
                                                                                          worldwide known studios such as
                                                                                          ZAHA HADID Architects, Sou Fujimoto
                                                                                          architects and baumschlager eberle.
                                                                                          Yet again, the conference was a centre
                                                                                          of knowledge and ideas exchange,
                                                                                          which left all the participants with
                                                                                          valuable information and ideas that
                                                                                          can contribute to better future of
                                                                                          architecture and development of the

                                                                                          When thinking about the future vision

                                                                                          of a city, having in mind recent

                                                                                          development, we are inclined to

                                                                                          expect young professionals to address

                                                                                          complex situations in architectural

                                                                                          environments, ranging in scale from

                                                                                          structures and buildings to urban

                                                                                          contexts.  However,  these

                                                                                          developments also raise the question

                                                                                          of how to design this complexity while

                                                                                          respecting the design process having in

                                                                                          mind the environment, the climate, the

                                                                                          future visions and technology. What is

the role of complexity or simplicity as part of the design process? Does the use of complex design methods offer

simplicity to the design process itself? Through the expansion of technology we can note that things and services should

become more user friendly and more responsive, so that they become more nature aware, surrounding oriented. This

year’s conference took all these question in matter, and gave several topics for the participants to address starting with:

Future visions for the city, Conceptual and methodical concepts, Environmental perceptions, Interactive structures,

Urban ecology and climate, Bioclimatic and cultural sensitivity, Materiality and investments and Constructions. This wide


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