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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 3, No. 2 (2016)  ISSN 2198-7688



Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief     What architecture could be? Is it an art or is it a process
             Architect Marina Stosic  of designing or drawing or constructing or engineering
                                      or is it built environment and/or changing and creating
                                      new spaces or is it computer aided modelling of spaces
                                      around or ...? Actually, it may be all of these. However,
                                      the main point should be to serve humans to better feel
                                      and enjoy their own spaces and protecting
                                      corresponding surroundings to be healthy and always
                                      keeping in mind that we have responsibility today for
                                      the future of next generations of humans. In this sense,
                                      I am recommending you the interview in this issue with
                                      the well known Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto who
                                      was one of the keynote speakers on the third
                                      International S.ARCH-2016 conference and who is
                                      “always trying to feel what architecture should be like in
                                      the future”.

                                      Thus, when we talk about the sustainability, it should
                                      not be reflection of numerous rules and/or standards
                                      but rather the reflection of the relation between space
                                      and time.

                                      Exactly in this course, the worldwide known architect
                                      and Professor Dietmar Eberle from Austria, who lectures
                                      at the ETH Zurich, stressed out in his impressive keynote
                                      lecture at the S.ARCH-2016 conference that we have to
                                      “think about architecture within time frames”. In his
                                      speech with a curious title “200–100–50–20–10” he
                                      explained that these numbers are lifetime phases of a
                                      building in five numbers representing functional years of
                                      urban structures / relation to the public (200), building
                                      structure (100), building envelope (50), the way how the
                                      building is used (20) and the building interior (10).

                                      An architect and the senior associate at ZAHA HADID
                                      Architects, Viviana Muscettola from UK, gave at the
                                      S.ARCH-2016 conference an emotive keynote speech
                                      about the recently departed world known architect Zaha
                                      Hadid and about the legacy left behind to the world of

                                      In this issue we also have eight interesting papers of
                                      authors from Turkey, India, Austria, Italy, Slovakia,
                                      worth to be read.

                                      Last but not least, the S.ARCH conference is moving next
                                      year to Hong Kong and I am kindly inviting you to join us.

                                      I am wishing you a nice summer!


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