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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 2, No. 2 (2015) ISSN 2198-7688




Modern society is driven by the forces
of fast and furious developments which
set everyone and everything under
pressure. Consumerism and “collective
trend” are dictating with surprisingly
high acceleration that most
professionals are individuals struggling
to cope. History should teach us that
change doesn’t come easily and that
the path of its arisen is often paved
with good intentions.
Numerous events, agreements and
standards are made by groups of
experts with a single collective goal of
more sustainable ending in future. This
is also an act of certain obligation and
imposed model of behavior and
thinking that should be in accordance
with the common sense. How much did
we accomplish from that list in the last
decade or so? Somehow, the answer is
not an easy one and I probably share
the skepticism of many of my
colleagues that the promised progress
is actually in its baby steps rather than
in its adult stadium.
A year ago, the experts and
professionals from Serbia had an
opportunity to welcome some of the
greats of the contemporary and
sustainable architecture at the first
S.ARCH event. It was the initiative year
of the International Conference with
Exhibition. The response from
participants and invited lecturers was
extremely positive and the organizer decided to continue and to hold another astonishing expert event in 2015.
This year the companies RENECON International and Get It Published from Germany, jointly with enforma from
Montenegro, repeated this wonderful event in Budva, Montenegro. The 2 S.ARCH International Conference with
Exhibition, chaired by Madam Marina Stosic, lasted for two days, the 19 –20 May 2015, in the premises of the hotel
and resort Maestral. This year’s conference welcomed participants form all around the world with keynote speakers
from studios like MVRDV, ZAHA HADID Architects, JDS Architects and Idis Turato Architects. It is rightest to say that

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