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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 2, No. 2 (2015) ISSN 2198-7688


The second International Conference with Exhibition
S.ARCH–2015, with the theme of “Environment and
Architecture” was held on 19–20 May 2015 at the
Maestral Resort, which is situated in the most beautiful
part of the Montenegrin coast, a romantic Rocky Bay,
just in the middle between the Old Town of Budva and
Sveti (Saint) Stefan. This year’s conference as

someone called it “exciting festival of architecture” ⎯
welcomed more than 150 participants from 26 countries
around the world. Star-architects from studios MVRDV,
ZAHA HADID Architects, JDS Architects and Idis Turato
Architects gave exciting and motivating keynote
speeches followed by interesting and provocative panel
discussions with conference’s participants.
As Winy Maas from MVRDV said, the S.ARCH conference
is the “supermarket of architecture come, serve

yourself and pick up what you are interested in”.
In this course and if you are interested to know more
about the conference you may read our editorial about
“S.ARCH–2015 Highlight and Overview”.

Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief In follow up, I would like to focus your attention on our
Architect Marina Stosic interesting and inspiring interview “Expecting the
Unexpected” with the worldwide celebrated architect
Winy Maas from the MVRDV studio.

Finally yet importantly, we offer you for reading six
author’s papers dealing with crucial factor of sustainable
architecture, study on Japanese streets, the Saudi
experiment, material surface features in spatial design,
universal housing and with simulation of participation.
I hope you will enjoy flipping and reading this fourth
issue of the International Journal “The New ARCH”,
exactly a year after we found it, and wish you enjoyable
summer and vacations.


A Word from the Editor–in–Chief
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