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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 1, No. 2 (2014) ISSN 2198-7688


e1 The Meteorological Architecture of Philippe Rahm
e18 The Eco–Controlled Urban Density – Interview with Mirco Tardio

68 Dana Krhlanko, Damir Šeler, Ana Penavić
Process of Natural Growth of Architecture

72 Biljana Pavlović
From Path to Strategy

84 Dina Stober, Branko Cavrić
Dynamics and Aesthetics of Urban Change in Post–Socialist Osijek, Croatia

93 Milica Jovanović Popović , Jasna Kavran
Energy Efficiency and Renewal of Residential Buildings Stock

101 Dina Ahmed Ahmed Elmeligy Authors‘ Papers
Innovative Sustainable Technologies in Heritage Revival

112 Haris Bradić
The Autonomous House, Sarajevo

119 Vesna Lovec, Milica Jovanović Popović
Adapting the Traditional House in Vojvodina to Contemporary Needs.
The Porch as the Basic Element of Transformation

127 Soolmaz Abdali Hajiabadi, Alireza Jahanara, Aref Arfaei
An Investigation of the Energy Saving of Windows in Halil Raif Özmuhtar
Apartment, Salamis Yolu, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

e25 About the Journal

e26 Instructions for Authors The Journal

e28 Advertisements


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