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International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 1, No. 1 (2014) ISSN 2198-7688


I am very pleased to announce the release of the very
first issue of the International Journal “The New ARCH”,
a platform where architects from all corners will discuss
current architectural themes and researches will have
an opportunity to publish their articles.
The idea of founding this Journal was born in parallel to
the preparation of the first International Conference
with Exhibition S.ARCH–2014, which had the aim to
bring together architects and researchers in a discussion
about sustainability in architecture.
Apparent lacking in journals devoted to both academic
communication and the sensibility of international
design practice was a motivating force to initiate “The
New ARCH”. Therefore, the Journal reflects the wide
variety of approaches to contemporary architectural
themes to a wider public than a conference can do.
Because of the way the idea was born, the next logical
step was to devote the first issue of the Journal to the
S.ARCH–2014 conference with themed “Sustainable

Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief Sustainability – perhaps a word you are tired of hearing.
Architect Marina Stosic Everyone talks about it, everybody believes to know
what it is about, everyone wants to be green… We are
confronted with this topic daily from all sides and in the
meantime it became a must for lot of people adorning
themselves with the wording sustainability. But, do we
really know what sustainability means? Do we know
what Sustainable Architecture is? Certainly, there is no
simple recipe for sustainability — at least none that
should exist — because sustainability is much more than
saving energy and resources. In the world of quick
changes, sustainability should not restrict our creativity,
but rather should be an exertion for it. It is not an
eschewal, but rather enriching. It is a broad line-up of

Some say adapting to change has always been important
to success.
But then how much does architecture have to change?
We discussed this international architects, and all of
them offer a unique perspective on sustainability, state
of affairs of architecture, and its outlook for tomorrow.

Let us talk about it once more …


A Word from the Editor–in–Chief
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